Evolve your machine tending with cobots

Boost efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize processes now

Are you looking for ways to automate, optimize and cut costs in your machine tending application?

Your search ends here! Our easy-to-use cobot solutions are made to increase output, boost efficiency and transform your manufacturing process.

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Elevate machine tending efficiency with ABB cobots

ABB: cobots and safety

1. The easiest way to automate

Fast and simple integration into your production line ensures uninterrupted workflow. Our cobots have compact footprints, precise movement, can be easily programmed by operators, and integrated with peripherals and machines.

Increase production capacity with the ABB GoFa cobot

2. Maximize results with minimal effort

Experience an immediate productivity boost by automating machine tending processes with our cobots. Thanks to our best-in-class repeatability, speed and motion, you can accelerate production with faster and more precise machine tending, resulting in increased throughput and operational efficiency. Free up your employees time for more value-added activities.

ABB GoFa: lightweight and easy-to-use cobot

3. Increased safety

We are proud to contribute in creating healthier and safer workplaces. Our cobots can work alongside human operators, drastically reducing the risks tied to manual labor. This fosters a secure work environment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries. See how you can transition from manual to automated machine tending easily with our cobots.

ABB GoFa: available for a wide variety of applications

4. Intelligent adaptability

Our cobots exhibit great versatility, seamlessly offering a broad spectrum of tasks including machines feeding in both loading and unloading. Enhanced by various accessories and software, ABB cobots sense external forces and adapt compliantly or floatingly, accommodating to work object variations.

ABB GoFa: the simple, safe cobot for a wide variety of applications
ABB GoFa: Reduce production waste with the GoFa CRB 15000 cobot

5. Cost efficiency

Save costs by automating your machine tending tasks with our easy-to-use cobots. Optimizing your workflow and reducing risk of defects and scrappages boosts efficiency, resulting in long-term cost savings and a faster return on investment.

Experience seamless collaboration between humans and cobots

Experience seamless collaboration between humans and cobots

Automation is for everyone

Embrace the era of harmonious human-robot collaboration with our advanced cobots.

Elevate precision, amplify efficiency, and drive growth, no matter the size of your business.

The future of machine tending is here, and it's collaborative.

Unleashing Intelligent Automation

Empowering manufacturing excellence

Empowering manufacturing excellence

Experience the future of manufacturing with our advanced cobots. Equipped with built-in sensors and cutting-edge vision systems, they can detect collisions and swiftly adapt to changes, for efficient operations. Our cobots seamlessly tackle intricate tasks, liberating your workforce to engage in strategic decision-making and more rewarding value-added activities. Step into a new era of automated machine tending!

Effortless software for maximizing your investment (ROI) with ABB's cobots

Effortless software for maximizing your investment (ROI)

Streamline your operations with intuitive software

Experience hassle-free cobot setup for machine tending like never before! Our dedicated machine tending software interface streamlines the configuration process, enabling you to swiftly program and deploy the cobot.

Say goodbye to complex coding and specialized training. The user-friendly interface walks you through the setup, empowering even non-technical individuals to become proficient in no time. Simplify your operations and make the most of your investment.